Philip Marchand

Born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, I came to Canada to study at the University of Toronto, and have since spent my adult life — with the exception of six years during the 1980s, when my wife and I lived in Vancouver, British Columbia — in Toronto.

My first magazine article — "Moments of Grace in Sinful Toronto," about a commune of Jesus Freaks, as they were then known — appeared in 1971, launching my career as a free lance magazine writer. During that career I wrote for every major general interest periodical published in Canada, including Maclean's (as radio and television columnist, 1974-75), Saturday Night, Toronto Life, and numerous others.

In 1989 I became books columnist for the Toronto Star, a position I held for more than 18 years. In June, 2008, after a six month stint as movie critic, I retired from the Star to pursue other interests, chiefly writing books.


Philip Marchand

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