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Ripostes: Reflections on Canadian Literature
Porcupine's Quill (Erin, Ont.), 1998

A collection of highly readable and stimulating essays on Canadian writing. The book caused a stir on its appearance and has lost none of its bite in the meantime.


"Marchand has written a book that takes literature in Canada seriously; he reads and writes with his full self, eschews boosterism, and praises real accomplishment when he sees it. This is a work of an honest critic, achievement's only friend. Where so many others offer only genteel and safe opinion, Marchand instead provokes little insurrections in our minds."
Quill & Quire, June 1998

"If nothing else, Marchand's ability to speak so comprehendingly about the reputation building politics of Can Lit and the experience of being a critic make this book a must read. But what I like best is the underplayed provocativeness of the collection. There's no loud, browbeating irreverence here. Instead, the guerilla tactic he has so slyly packaged into these essays is a straightforward and judicious, but devastatingly accurate, analysis."
Montreal Gazette, August 1, 1998

"Bracing and impressive.If Marchand is sometimes cantankerous and even belligerent, he's also erudite, articulate and courageous."
Calgary Herald, June 22, 1998

"Marchand is readable, witty and full of surprises."
Books in Canada, Summer, 1998

"For a decade Marchand has waged gentlemanly war against literary mediocrity. That war has not yet ended in victory, but Marchand has produced a volume of criticism at its wittiest, bravest and most honorable."
The Financial Post, July 16, 1998

"He (Marchand) is a friend of good readers."
Globe & Mail, July 18, 1998.

"Ripostes is going to aggravate, annoy, gall, irk, miff, peeve, rankle, vex and just generally bug quite a few people. It thoroughly delights me. The author is a realist and a truth teller."
Toronto Star, May 16, 1998

"Tough, sinewy and rife with wit."
Literary Review of Canada, July/August 2004

"(Marchand) pulls no punches in targeting those he holds responsible for encouraging and tolerating mediocrity."
Canadian Literature, Spring 2000

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